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Some jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 store clerk will recommend special shoes for you , says the shoes according to your style of movement and exercise habits for the design, and that this kind of sports shoes can effectively reduce the risk of injury to your feet in motion , the fact is that it? Modern medicine, most people rely on the heels of running outside force, while the feet touch the ground when there is a slight rotation of the action. This action can be dispersed to face the impact of the foot and leg , is a body's self- protection mechanism. The flat feet because of the lack of foot arch structure , it needs to make a greater rotational movement . In the past four years time , the manufacturer has been working to design a tailor-made sports jordan 11 Gamma Blue, sports shoes such claims can be in accordance with our feet elevate the foot , so the foot pronator more with feet movement , not only for those over- pronation foot ( or pronation ) runners damping , but also to make every step they take are more stable. However, by wearing special Gamma Blue 11s for sale to reduce sports injuries insufficient evidence argument . This year a study in Denmark recorded in age from 18-65 years old 927 sports results participants , through their experience of running a farm, where a quarter of people suffered injuries , but the pace of sports injuries and their whether the degree of internal rotation and internal rotation and not so much . From Aarhus University rasmus nielsen said , in order to reduce the movement of the foot injury, we should consult runners should pay attention to training to clinicians recommended distance, time and intensity , rather than focusing on sports the choice of Gamma Blue 11s 2013 . Movement as much as possible from that comfortable shoes to wear , plus professional guidance , sports injuries can be avoided.
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According to "Japanese Economic News" Chinese news report , architectural designer shoes, strange shapes , but it can ensure stability, now captures the hearts of young Japanese women . Use design thinking architect Gamma Blue 11s For Sale are being " never seen a design , so cute " , "I did not think walking is easy ," the praise. It is reported that two young officers Eto Rieko Tanaka Rina is no soles wear strange Jordan 11 Gamma Blue . • British architect Julian Hakes are (Julian Hakes) design ideas shoes. Eto said, because this curve is no sole high heels , it will be the beginning to worry about wearing " will not cut off it? " But wearing discovered " this shoe elastic, very soft , very light wear to walk ." Founded in 2003, the Gamma Blue 11s brand "UNITED NUDE" created a building designer shoes this new thing. The brand's founder is the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas • (Rem Koolhaas). UNITED NUDE now been in Amsterdam, New York and other parts of the world have opened outlets . Tokyo, Japan outlets opened in September last year . In Shanghai, China , also has UNITED NUDE 's Guide. Architecture and design as carefully calculated by computer graphics , design shoes, UNITED NUDE is a big selling point. This fall , UNITED NUDE also invited to design for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games main stadium of the Iraqi -born architect Zaha Hadid • (Zaha Hadid) for the brand new product designed a product called "NOVA Shoe" is . Each pair is priced at 210,000 yen ( about 12,500 yuan ) .
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18, 2009, Ms. Yang Shun Ma found himself seriously to buy a new snow boots, faded , he was the business of " shoebox lost" refused to return when you want . CASE staff noted that the business 's " going to return the packaging to ensure complete " no legal basis , merchants finally agreed to refund Ms. horse jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale . 9, 2009, Ms. Ma in YANGXIN a supermarket to buy a pair of jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 priced at 138 yuan snow boots, 18, ​​was found severely faded uppers . Can exchange or refund in accordance with the provisions of the shoes warranty card , Ms. Ma went back shoe merchant , the merchant has to " shoebox lost" refused . The two sides at loggerheads over , Ms. Ma dialed telephone Yangxin Consumers Association request for help . After receiving consumer complaints , CASE staff immediately made ​​contact with the business . Merchant said : "After the return of consumers , merchants need to put Gamma Blue 11s 2013 on the shoe box packaging, and then return the shoe manufacturers are now lost , unable to return the shoes manufacturers . ." CASE staff noted that " consumer protection Law " does not provide goods do not overpack is not allowed to return, if the product quality issues in line with the provisions of return , businesses should return. Finally, under the mediation CASE staff , businesses agreed to Ms. Ma retreat shoes.
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