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18, 2009, Ms. Yang Shun Ma found himself seriously to buy a new snow boots, faded , he was the business of " shoebox lost" refused to return when you want . CASE staff noted that the business 's " going to return the packaging to ensure complete " no legal basis , merchants finally agreed to refund Ms. horse jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale . 9, 2009, Ms. Ma in YANGXIN a supermarket to buy a pair of jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 priced at 138 yuan snow boots, 18, ​​was found severely faded uppers . Can exchange or refund in accordance with the provisions of the shoes warranty card , Ms. Ma went back shoe merchant , the merchant has to " shoebox lost" refused . The two sides at loggerheads over , Ms. Ma dialed telephone Yangxin Consumers Association request for help . After receiving consumer complaints , CASE staff immediately made ​​contact with the business . Merchant said : "After the return of consumers , merchants need to put Gamma Blue 11s 2013 on the shoe box packaging, and then return the shoe manufacturers are now lost , unable to return the shoes manufacturers . ." CASE staff noted that " consumer protection Law " does not provide goods do not overpack is not allowed to return, if the product quality issues in line with the provisions of return , businesses should return. Finally, under the mediation CASE staff , businesses agreed to Ms. Ma retreat shoes.
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