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According to "Japanese Economic News" Chinese news report , architectural designer shoes, strange shapes , but it can ensure stability, now captures the hearts of young Japanese women . Use design thinking architect Gamma Blue 11s For Sale are being " never seen a design , so cute " , "I did not think walking is easy ," the praise. It is reported that two young officers Eto Rieko Tanaka Rina is no soles wear strange Jordan 11 Gamma Blue . • British architect Julian Hakes are (Julian Hakes) design ideas shoes. Eto said, because this curve is no sole high heels , it will be the beginning to worry about wearing " will not cut off it? " But wearing discovered " this shoe elastic, very soft , very light wear to walk ." Founded in 2003, the Gamma Blue 11s brand "UNITED NUDE" created a building designer shoes this new thing. The brand's founder is the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas • (Rem Koolhaas). UNITED NUDE now been in Amsterdam, New York and other parts of the world have opened outlets . Tokyo, Japan outlets opened in September last year . In Shanghai, China , also has UNITED NUDE 's Guide. Architecture and design as carefully calculated by computer graphics , design shoes, UNITED NUDE is a big selling point. This fall , UNITED NUDE also invited to design for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games main stadium of the Iraqi -born architect Zaha Hadid • (Zaha Hadid) for the brand new product designed a product called "NOVA Shoe" is . Each pair is priced at 210,000 yen ( about 12,500 yuan ) .
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